Brick by Brick

Brick by brick or block by block things are getting done around here. The past week has seen a few finishes, the best one being the doors. All are painted and handles are attached. All the contents of the closets are returned to them. Although there seems to be a bit of stuff left over. I need to go through it and make a trip to the local donation drop off site. Mostly old clothes and toys my kids left here, I figure if they don’t want it after 5 years, they really don’t want it.

Working on the Heaven and Nature piece almost nightly. There are a lot of bricks in this house. The door has 190 stitches in it, gotta love 40 count linen.

I reorganized my sewing room closet, and was able to add a few more shelves. Now that the doors open fully, there is no more dead space in the center. The guest room closet has sliding doors still though, I put all my yarn in there, and some extra quilts. I still need to clean out my sewing room a bit, I am planning a donation run for there too. Once I get the current one done that is. My room still isn’t a functional as it could be, but its better.

I finished a quilt top and a backing this week, the Dwellings quilt and the backing for the Dinner plate quilt. The dinner plate is a king size, 110 x 110, so there was piecing involved, lots of long seams and cutting off of selvages. I have a new ruler by Creative Grids, it’s called “the big one” or something like that, it is 24″ x 12 ½”. It’s a nice stable surface to cut with, it doesn’t move around and holds the fabric still with the special dots they put on it.

My goal today is to get the bindings cut for the five quilts that need it, and maybe apply a few. I am waiting on a shipment of white batting for the Dwelling and dinner plate quilts. Fedex is scheduled to throw it in my driveway tomorrow. The driver doesn’t like my dogs, so he won’t come any where near the house. I have to keep an eye out, so my boxes don’t go home with someone else.

Be Kind.