It is a Brick House

I finished the house last night, a lot of stitches, a lot of red floss (weeks dye works “brick”). The roof went surprisingly fast, its about 1000 stitches. The green and brown tiles are ten stitches, five on five, I got about four tiles to the floss strand and stitched them touching on the diagonal when I could.

A lot of sewing has gone on these past ten days, and I was able to get one quilt quilted. Well, one and a half, as I managed to knock my machine out of timing. I’m going to call the shop today and see if they can fix it here. I really don’t want to bring it in, it’s too big and heavy for me to do. I forget what the shop charges for house calls, maybe I don’t want to remember because it’s steep. I managed to bind all the finished quilts, except for the Botanica one. It’s just heavy and large, I did find the binding fabric I set aside for it. Most proud of finish is Berties Year, completely done, and hanging! I started this as a block of the month in 2014, and got it all together in 2015. Then it sat for a time, finally got it quilted in February 2023. I seems a little wintery for the season we are in, I just wanted to see it hanging for a bit. I’ll change it out in a week or two.

I am working on star blocks this week I need a bunch of them for two quilts, a queen and a full. They are quilts similar to this one, called “Crescent” which is a throw size shown. There are a total of 33 big stars in my versions, and a few more little ones. I am doing one quilt with the blue star background and one with the white. Lots of chain stitching going on. I found a great tutorial on the saw tooth block, which includes a quick flying geese block method. What I really like about this tutorial, is that she gives charts for measurements for many sizes of blocks. It is at Amy Smart – Diary of a Quilter .

I got a new-to-me chair for hand stitching. My DH’s office was liquidating some extra furniture, and the prices were very good, as in FREE. There was a table that would have worked a for sewing machine, but it was already taking by the time we got the inventory list. The chair is a Herman Miller “Aerion”, all adjustable and comfortable. The chair I was using was a Dutailier glider and ottoman that I’ve had for a very long time. I find that when I am stitching in it, I slowly slide down and lose my posture, which leads to back and hip soreness after a while. I’m not convinced that I really like the new one yet, I can always use it at my desk or as another sewing machine chair.

Be Kind.

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