Yesterday was a stay home day. It was rainy and cold and I had workmen in house, so I couldn’t leave. While the moldings were installed and painted, I watched the longarm do its thing. I have been working on my Chilhowie quilt, it was ready to go, backing and top. The pantograph I picked out is called Tropical Flowers, it is Plumeria blossoms and leaves. Sort of a weird choice, but I’ll explain. Last year while on a Home Depot shopping expedition, I saw that had Hawaiian Plumeria plants for sale. I had just finished reading a book in which one of the characters had a collection of Plumeria trees. Although they lived in San Diego, I thought it would be an interesting plant to grow. The one I picked out was a green stick with about eight leaves on the top. It lived on the deck all summer and when it got cold, I brought it inside. It promptly lost all its leaves and was just a stick. It stayed green and I thought maybe it is deciduous, and kept watering it every once in a while. While I was away last month it sprouted four new leaves. I was so excited, well, happy it wasn’t dead. I am hoping it will flower this summer, I don’t know what color the blooms are, but I have visions of Leis dancing in my head. Back to the Chilhowie quilt, it is the 2022 Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, and I seem to remember her talking about the little town named that and the flowers around her, Irises that were purple and orange. So I went with the floral theme, only switching the tropical for the temperate. I used a variegated purple thread, and a dark purple backing. Each row took an hour and fifty minutes to sew out, I got it finished yesterday, sewing out two and a half rows. I had done the other three earlier in the week, but still its a lot of sewing.

While babysitting the computer run panto, I was able to trim up a few more finished quilts. I trimmed the Berties Year quilt, the Botanica Quilt, the Aegean Quilt and the You are loved quilt. I wish I could bind them, but the painters are doing their thing in my sewing room, and once again everything is covered in plastic. I am hoping to get to it this weekend, once the paint is dry. A mass binding session, I wonder if I have ever done five at once before. Maybe three, but it is possible, as long as I don’t have any interruptions like having to eat or shower lol.

Earlier this week I was working on the Dwellings quilt, another one that uses the Nocturnal fabric line. I got most of the block pieces cut and pieced, I need to assemble the 20 leaf blocks. I have them all laid out, ready to go. I also need to sew together a backing for the Dinner party quilt, also a Nocturnal fabric quilt. It should be next on the frame, but maybe I can squeeze a small one on there. The TBQ pile is getting smaller, the Sew Couture top I made last year is only 60″ square. I bet I could do that one in a few hours.

Time to get a move on today.

Be Kind.