Custom Long Arm Quilting

I have been Long Arm Quilting in some way or another for about twenty years. I started out using my Viking machine on a wooden Hinterberg frame. Then I upgraded to a Juki machine, and then after learning to work with it and all of the systems quirks, I got a Tin Lizzie system. I enjoyed using that system for a few years. I really got to know the ins and outs of long arming. But soon I was yearning to stretch my abilities, and started looking into computerized machines. I settled on a Bernina Q24, to me, it as the smoothest gliding, and most hassle free machine I tried. After a year or two I added robotics, the Q-matic system. Now I’m at the point where I am comfortable quilting any size or “kind” of quilt. I do a lot of minky backed baby quilts, flannel quilts and even a few t-shirt quilts. I have access to hundreds of pantographs and have a large library of digital designs. My favorite quilts to do are samplers, where there is a different design in each block, or similar designs in similar blocks. Although a simple clamshell end-2-end is fun too. I have been selling my quilts for three years now and feel like I can branch out to doing custom quilting for others.

To book a longarm quilting job please drop me a message in the comments section.

To purchase already finished quilts, please go to my Etsy store LOSQuilts