I feel like one of those cartoon characters doing the exaggerated double-take move, where they are wide eyed and obviously amazed at what they have have seen. Sort of “Wait…what?”

Last week I had to go out of town unexpectedly. Dropped every thing and went. I got back Tuesday and here it is Thursday and I haven’t caught up with life yet. I think today will clinch it though. Yesterday I did some shopping and cleaning, a bit of laundry and met with the contractor who is replacing the doors. Today I plan on a bit more sewing and cleaning, or maybe just more sewing.

I brought a small cross stitch piece with me, the red-work “Gathering Stitches” project. Didn’t get much done on it, lack of good lighting and time. On the flight home, I was in a middle seat on a very full plane. I ended up listening to my book for 4 hours. I may have dropped off to sleep a few times, I am hoping I didn’t snore lol.

I am ready to sew a bunch this week though. Before I left I had finished all the blocks for the king size ‘Dinner Party’ quilt. I laid them all out on the design floor yesterday, and discovered I had 66, two extra.

All good, I think I got a good assortment and random placement pattern going. I stacked them all into columns and got half of them sewn together.

You’ll notice to the right a few baskets still stacked. These are the contents of my sewing room closet, due to the door replacement project. The doors were installed while I was away, but the finishing trim and painting will be in the next two weeks. So I will continue to look at that pile for a bit longer. Last week I had some extra time to watch TV. I caught a few episodes of a “Hoarders” on Netflix, probably not the best thing for me to be watching with this pile of my stuff taking over my bedroom. I am greatly inspired to sort it and organize it back into my sewing room. I am a bit embarrassed by my fascination with this disorder, maybe because my hobbies require a bit of collecting. I don’t currently believe I am at risk for becoming a hoarder, but it seems like a slippery slope. It’s a good thing fabric and yarn has more than doubled in price since I started crafting, or does that make my stash more valuable? Do I really need more, or do I hang on to what I have in case I need it? I don’t subscribe to the “does it bring me joy?” mind set, as that is still an affirmative. I think I’ll be okay.

I could hardly wait to get back to stitching on the Heaven and Nature sampler. I got more of the red house done these past few evenings. Mindless stitching is what I need before sleep, as I am a little jet lagged after a week in the EST zone. I tried to keep my normal sleep times while there, but a few naps made me adjust a bit.

Off to sew now.

Be Kind.