No Rules

I caved yesterday, no spelunking here, caved in on not buying more cross stitch supplies/projects. I had this PDF chart, Vintage Pansies by 2X2 Stitch Art that I bought in November last year. I want to start a new project after I finish the Moth. I don’t want to do anther sampler right now, so the pansies won out. I didn’t have all the flosses, there are 44 different colors in this one. A trip to 123 Stitch solved that, and I saw another chart and floss which jumped into my cart. They make it easy to order flosses, just enter all the numbers in the box, separated by commas, and press enter. They all magically pop into your cart where you can double check them. The other chart I got is Live and Let Live by Long Dog Samplers, I like this one for its composition and colors. I probably should have checked the DMC flosses I had before ordering the kit, but there are only 12, so how many could/do I have?

The Moth stitchery is coming along, I am almost finished with the lower left wing. I keep making mistakes and ripping though. My new tablet, (Christmas gift 🙂 is helping me keep track, I am trying out Pattern Keeper. I really like that I can take a photo of the chart and import it into the app and use it. I can also use pattern PDFs, and it will separate colors and count stitches too. The photo import part will only allow marking or highlighting stitches done, but it’s really helpful. I especially like that I can enlarge the pattern with a touch and with the nifty pen my tablet has, mark individual stitches. Its funny, I never thought I would like a tablet, my laptop is so light and does all the “things” I need it to do. This tablet has changed my view, and the way I stitch for the better.

I worked a bit on the Cotton Couture quilts, I am getting the four corners put together. I like the way my stash fabrics look together with the ones from the Cotton Couture collection. Maybe these tops will be together for the return of the Longarm.

This being the first Monday of 2022, I am itching to start doing something, the holidays are done, and it’s time to start anew. I want to make an Optometrist appointment (yay! new glasses) and an appointment to get my rugs picked up for cleaning. It would be nice if the tile guys showed up today to finish tiling my bathroom too. That project has been going on for too long, I am ready to be done, its like having an UFO that you can’t finish, but you see it every day.

Time’s a-wastin’ !

Be Kind.

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