Another Week

Another week has passed, along with it, our sunny December weather. We have rain in the forecast for at least the next eight days. All very conducive to staying in and sewing, baking and puzzling. My sons are coming back home for the holidays, with my new daughter in-law, and an SO. A full house so to speak. Today will be a day of tidying up, shopping (food) a bit, and staying warm and dry.

I have been sewing the blocks for the quilt kit I got a few months ago, its called Cotton Couture. Once I got all the individual blocks sewn, I put together nine parts. I may get those together today, and then its just a few borders. Looking at the picture, I am noticing a turned section, I’ll fix it before going on.

Cross stitch corner has a resident moth, a Cecropia moth, I am working on the wing. This is on a scrap of 40 count linen I had. I think it looks better on the rust colored linen, like the photo, but this off-white is okay. Shopping for colored linen on-line makes me think twice about buying it. There is so much variation in color from dye lot to dye lot, and the names confuse me too. Some of them sound like a Starbucks drink order, vintage mocha light brown. Others look like a color catcher sheet, or a drop cloth from under the dye pot. The splotchy look isn’t my favorite, I figure in about 25 years all the pieces will looked aged and splotchy on their own why start out that way? Then there is the fact that one has no real control over the splotches, I wanna know where my design is going to be on the cloth. I start thinking “what if I get a splotch under an element of the design, like a flower?” then I think about not liking said splotch, and ripping out stitching.

The frame kit came for the Irish saying piece, and I got it all done in time for gift-ing. I like this saying, and I hope the recipients do too. Still have to finish “Comfort and Joy”, I got these cute pompoms for the edging too. I just can’t decide if I want to make a pillow or a plaque, or ???

Last hat gift is knitted too. I was knitting a striped one for this person, but when I finished it, I didn’t like it. The horizontal stranding makes it too tight, and it seems like one of those hats that tries to pop off your head at inopportune times. Yesterday I whipped up this solid one, YAY! for bulky yarn.

I’m contemplating joining a KAL for January-March 2022, the Self Care Sweater KAL from Bare Naked Woods. They have a pattern called Birches, a double breasted cardigan, with texture and drape.

I know I have some yarn around here that would be suitable, lol. Then I do have a few sweater projects kitted up, that need to be done as well. It seems like most bloggers and floss tube people are looking to use more stash for 2022. I’m thinking that I should have some kind of goal too, I can’t see myself doing a No-Buy year. I was thinking maybe I could work on a reward system, make something from stash, or complete a UFO and then get to buy something.

Be Kind.

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  1. Ruth L. says:

    More of a request than a reply. Your posts are dated at the end. All other quilt blogs that I follow are dated at the beginning. I use those dates to help me determine whether the post is one that I’ve already read through. I’m not an official follower, instead using a favorites list to visit my favorite blogs. I’m not a fan of email. Please consider repositioning your posting date for people like me.

    • Thanks for you comment/suggestion. I looked at my blog editing app, and the only way I can change the date location is to change the blog layout theme. I like the current one, as it is clean and uncluttered by pop-ups, advertising and such. The most current post is always on top on the home page. Have you considered following through the WordPress Reader? I find that it is easier than going to each blog separately, they are listed in chronological order with the first few sentences shown.

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