I had some errands to do yesterday, and there were construction workers blocking my driveway. I decided that I would go out and stay out, as my first appointment was at 10:15 and my last at 3:00pm. I needed to go pick up the new Serger foot I had ordered and I was going to look for a little fabric. I got to the store and found a cute print, I think its “Gastlies”, its got fish of all kinds and a cat (catfish?) on a neutral background. I got some thread for the Cotton Couture quilts too. It was sort of a lack luster shopping trip and I kinda knew it would be. The owner of the shop has been downsizing since before the pandemic, and talking about retirement. He has also been focusing on machine sales and repair more than fabric and notions. The shop used to take up two stories with classrooms upstairs and four large areas for fabric/notions – the rest of the floor space was machines. The store is in a former bank building, so there is lots of open space. Yesterdays visit was to a shop that had further reduced fabric bolt shelves, lots of machines, and a pared down selection of notions. I have been shopping at this store for about 25 years, followed it through a move, a change in ownership (one co-owner left) and now this downsizing. Believe me, I know the competition is fierce from Michaels, Joanns et al, and on-line shopping, its really tough to have an independent shop. It makes me sad to remember the lively community that used to gather and how there was always someone to talk quilting to, or just hang out with and pet the fabrics. I think that’s what I miss the most, and I wanted to find that feeling yesterday. I was sitting in the parking lot with two and a half hours till my next appointment, when I thought of a different shop, and wondered if it was open. Google maps, yes! open and only seven miles away. I used to shop at The Granary about 15 years ago, it was close to the place I took my daughter for school tutoring. I would drop her off and go shop while she did her session. There were a few people in the shop, and I was greeted when I came in, so nice and welcoming. Fresh fabrics, bright lighting, patterns and samples and that community feeling. I ended up with a few half yards, a pattern and a quilt kit, plus I signed up for their email list and rewards card. The quilt kit I got is for a Julie Paschkis Quilt, called “Snowy”. I couldn’t resist, funny how I finally used up most of my Paschkis fabrics and now I have more. I think it is really pretty and I hadn’t seen it before. Wintery scenes with saturated colors, Polar bears, penguins and white foxes. There is a matching pillow, as seen on bottom right.

Snowy 81″ X 81″

I sewed together the blocks for the second Cotton Couture quilt top yesterday. I want to figure out some kind of borders, the pattern has them on top and bottom only with finished size being 60″ X 70″. I need to think on it a bit.

It’s another rainy day here, so I think I’ll stay in and sew.

Be Kind.

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  1. I think it might be the shop, not necessarily the online issue. We have close to 10 shops in the general area of Indy and all are thriving. All have a community that come out and support. It’s likely that shop just doesn’t have a life to it anymore. Glad you found better pastures to roam!

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