Since moving my longarm, I have had more opportunities to use it. At least it feels like it, sort of like not having to commute to work any more. This month I have five finishes, The Reflected Harmony quilt, Two Table runners, the Nutcracker quilt and Chasing rainbows. All which need bindings, oh, wait I did do the Reflected Harmony one and one table runner. The Nutcracker needed a green binding, and I didn’t have enough scraps of Christmas Figs to do so. I had to order another ½ yard, and it was delivered today. The Rainbow quilt, I am not sure about what I want to bind it with, maybe the light blue that’s in those tiny little setting squares. The table runner, might be wanting green, or gold, have to see what I have in the solids bin.

On to cross stitch news, I am nearing the finish of the Newcastle Bouquet. I am restraining myself from starting anything new until I finish it. The border is taking forever, last night while stitching, I counted the stitches in each motif. The five branched flower-like things around the piece, each one has almost 280 stitches in it, no wonder it is taking sooo long. I breezed through the Irish saying piece in about ten days, 32 count linen verses 40 count is the major difference. I am waiting on a frame for that, to make it a FFO. I am thinking of starting the Pilgrims Progress piece from LongDog stitchery as my next big piece. It is all one color, and I have gridded Aida cloth for it. Been having a few reservations about using the gridded cloth, as it has to be washed in order to remove the gray lines of the grid, once the piece is stitched. I was thinking of using Aurifil wool for the stitches, and I am wondering about the durability of it, and if it will hold up to a vigorous scrubbing. I may have to do a test piece.

Just noticed the missing stem for the red flower, will add it later.

Tomorrow is baking day, I am making a cheesecake (instant pot) an apple pie and pumpkin pie. If I am really ambitious, I’ll make persimmon bread too. Maybe I’ll get the bindings done in the morning, or this blog post :).

Be Kind.

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    • Thanks Claire, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I see them together. The cross stitch piece only has eight colors, but it is over-dyed floss, so it looks like there are more.

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