So much Stuff

The other day my DH walked into my sewing room and said “You have so much stuff.” I replied that I thought he had more stuff that pertains to his hobby, like the thousands of CD’s he has. I couldn’t persuade him, and in the end I conceded, yeah, I do have a lot of stuff. I ended the conversation with my reasoning being that it is three hobbies worth of stuff. Anyway, this lead to some contemplation, typical of the end of year thinking patterns, and goal setting for the new year. My hoard, my piles, my stash, my stock, my supplies, my-oh-my its mine and I own up to it. I don’t think my buying habits are out of control, although, I regularly buy fabric, sometimes weekly, but mostly monthly. Promises of “No-Buy” years are no good, its not feasible, if I need to complete something, or run short or its too good of a deal, that promise doesn’t last long. See what happens, I’m already adding stipulations to the rule, in the end I know myself. This coming year I would like to clear out some stash and organize it a bit more. There, a somewhat vague goal, it is a start. This past year I have gotten much done with the small bite at a time. I used up most of my Julie Paschkis fabric collection, I made four quilts out of it and sold two. I used up most of the scraps from last years Christmas Figs BOM, and made a dent in the scraps from the Halloween figs BOM too. I completed a kit, Reflected Harmony, and made a string quilt out of 20 year old scraps. I made over 25 quilts using mostly stash, and completed my BOM for 2021. Barely a dent in the hoard, but it makes me feel good to write these accomplishments down, and that I want to do more in 2022.

Some of the Stash

I am almost finished with the Newcastle Bouquet cross stitch project. I ordered a frame/backing and glass for it too, by the time that gets here I will be done. I thought about staying up late last night and finishing the last three motifs, but I kept nodding off. Best to quit before I start making mistakes I will only have to rip out the next day.

On the longarm front, I am almost done quilting the Spider and the Fly quilt, one more row. I had a bit of trouble with the computer/machine this past weekend. Some miscommunication between the two. I had updated the Q-matic program, and not the Windows Pro on the computer, yesterday, six updates were dutifully downloaded and executed. What it had been doing was stopping mid-sewing with the needle down, and the robotics would keep moving the machine head. I was there for the three times in a row that it happened, so I was able to stop it before any damage to the quilt was done. Yesterday it worked as it should, I was afraid to leave the vicinity of the machine, as you can imagine, Phew.

Off to bake cookies with a friend today, so not much sewing will be accomplished.

Be Kind.