A Tale of two Runners

I set out to make a table runner as a commission for a friend, the fabrics were a solid and a print. A simple quilted runner with some appliquéd trees on it. We decided that the trees would be on top of the quilting, so I was to stitch the flakes and then appliqué the trees on top. I attached the print to the frame, cut a piece of batting and sandwiched it with a piece of Bella snow on top. Time investment, about 30 minutes. Set up the q-matic to stitch out one row, 16″ x 103″ of a snowflake pantograph, about 15 minutes. Yup, quick and easy. I was using metallic thread, so I have to slow the stitching speed down a bit to prevent shredding. I got the bobbin and thread tensions working well, and started stitching, and stitching and stitching. It took 4 ½ hours to stitch the design out. It looks really pretty, but the size of flake and the size of the trees just wasn’t working for me. Back to the design wall, or digital pantograph market place. I found a smaller scale panto, and since I had loaded the runner length-wise, I had enough room on the 44 inch wide fabric to advance the rollers and quilt another runner parallel to the first one. A little time savings, and less hassle. The replacement panto took and hour and twenty minutes to stitch, much better there too. I have the trees cut out and ready to sew on, today is the day for that.

With trees attached.

Over the past few weeks I have gotten my act together to pursue a career in Long Arm Quilting for others. I joined the “LongArm League”, got a website together, and even an instagram page. Yep, it’s all happening. My DH likes to ask me when he can retire and have me support us with quilting. I highly doubt that will ever happen, but I like to think that this venture will support itself and be more than a tax write off. This past week I sold my 40th quilt on Etsy, it took three years, but I am proud of that milestone. I think I have about 30 more that I have sold to customers through craft shows and through word of mouth in this time also. Another milestone that is quickly approaching, is my 300th quilt. Phew, that’s a lot of stitching. So if your thinking about having someone quilt for you, or know someone who has a few UFO’s hanging about, tell them to check out my site Live Oak Quilt Studio.Com

Be Kind.

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