October finishes

This was my list from a few weeks ago:

  1. Finish SQP – secret quilting project ✅
  2. Finish Peppermint Poinsettia quilting – list on Etsy
  3. Finish Meeting of the Geese (kit from 2019)✅
  4. Finish quilting Costumers Ball – BEFORE 10/31 and Hang up✅
  5. October BOM blocks✅
  6. Get Growing Up Odd on the frame
  7. Make some Christmas items for Etsy

The ✅ mean it is done. I did get the Poinsettia quilt on the frame so its a half check mark. I didn’t get to numbers 6 and 7, but I did make two quilt tops, Good Times and Rock Pool. So I’m calling it a win.

I made the rest of the string blocks for the Appalachian Autumn Quilt leaves. I also cut all the colored 300+ HSTs needed, I am hoping to cut the cream and gray ones today. This will become a November project, along with, um, something else. The mystery quilt doesn’t start until November 27th this year, it’s more of a December/January thing. I have a few quilt kits left, and a few collections of fabric that I have bought that need to be used. One of the collections is Farm Charm, I have a honey bun, a panel, a layer cake and some yardage.

I have a collection of another Gingiber fabric line called Thicket. I have made two small quilts with it already. I was looking for a photo of it and came across this free pattern, called Thicket of Stars its free from Moda.

It could be a start of something, I’m not sure I like all the white, maybe add in some 4 patches of the black and white prints. This one is more colorful, using HSTs of a print and the B&W Thicket line.

Lots of options and time this November.

Be Kind