It’s Back!

My 790 is back from its vacation/repair in Sacramento. The shop called me on Monday and I drove over there yesterday to pick it up. It’s about a two and a half hour drive each way, but it went pretty fast, as there is little to no traffic. The machine had some issues with the computer assisted upper thread tension and needed a really good clean-out. They also updated the software and now it purrs like it should. I made one of the BOM blocks from the halloween fig quilt as soon as I got it set up. Today I finished the other two October blocks.

I was a little sad to move my Singer 404 off the sewing table. It has been standing in for the 790 for the past month. I made two quilt tops with it and two blocks for the Botanica BOM quilt. I kinda feel like I should leave it set up, so I can use it to piece with or something. I just don’t have enough room in my sewing space though. When I was thinking about moving across the hall, back in the summertime, I thought I would have room for another sewing table. I thought I could put the 404 and my Sail-right machine on it and that way they would be ready to sew when needed. Alas, not enough floor space, too many fabric containers and too many book shelves. I could use the computer desk in the guest room, then move them when we have company staying. Who knows when that will be though.

Rock Pool is a top now

I also heard yesterday that the Serger, 890L won’t be here until mid-December. Oh well. When the shops name popped up on the caller ID, I got all excited, thinking it had arrived. No, apparently I had missed the preorder cut-off date. So I have to wait for the next manufacturing run and shipment.

I have been itching to start making Bonnie Hunter’s Appalachian Autumn quilt. I think I could squeeze it in the line up for the next few weeks. It’s a string pieced, large block quilt of autumn leaves with a cream and gray background. After going through my string pile I created earlier this year, I found “enough” to do the string blocks. Now to find the fabrics for the background.

This weekend BH will be releasing the colors for the up coming Mystery quilt. I will most probably make it, as always, I have only missed the 2018, Good Fortune quilt. I wasn’t too keen on the colors chosen for that one, orange, green, blue and white. Similar to the colors combo of Celtic Sunrise, which is on my bed now.

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  1. Oh the Rock Pool quilt is very pretty. Yay, so glad you got your machine back. That must be a huge relief for you. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

    • Thanks it’s always a good time to use up scraps. I’m settling into my machine again, it was worth not having it for a month, it is running so well now.

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