Monday, today

I worked on the AAQ (Appalachian Autumn Quilt) Yesterday. I got the cream background ones done.

They go together pretty quickly, this should be a top by the end of the week, hmmm, maybe not. I was just thinking about the borders and all the HST’s that need to be put together. Power sewing mode may have to be activated.

Yesterday I finished the quilting on the Poinsettia quilt. For a small quilt, this one had a lot of stops and starts. I quilted the center with single motifs of leaves and flowers. Each one had to be placed and stitched, it was tedious, but I like the results. The borders turned out nicely too. This quilt was made from the scraps of the Christmas Figs BOM that I finished last May. Made me want to put that large quilt on the frame next. I’m going to hold off a bit though, I got an order for a baby quilt yesterday, and I want to do a round table top quilt for a friend.

Off to cut some binding and make a few AAQ borders.

Be Kind