Third week of Oct.

I was looking through the Design Wall Monday post at Small quilts and Doll quilts this morning. Judy repaired a quilt for her grandson recently and the name of the quilt is Third Week in October. I have had this pattern for a long time, every once in a while I come across it and think about making it. It an autumn leaves quilt, that is sort of scrappy, and I think I want to do it with batiks. The instructions are nicely laid out, it just feels a bit overwhelming to me when I read them, the number of blocks and pieces is large. The finished size is 85″ X 110″, nice for queen bed with a pillow fold over. Maybe early next year.

This past weekend I worked on the Good Times quilt, ugh the theme from the 70’s TV show just popped into my head. I got the blocks done and the pieces for the first border done.

I put them up on the design wall, trying to get things random looking is hard work, chaos is easier. I didn’t want any of the prints to match, or be too close to each other. A little more shuffling in needed.

I got tired of sewing last night, so I decided to match up the bonus triangle pieces. I found if I sew them together on the diagonal, I can then trim them down to 2 ½ inch squares. They are kinda cute, too bad that the colors are kinda dark, they would probably make for a scrappy baby quilt.

My goals for the week are to finish the Costumes Ball quilting, get the Good Times (ain’t we lucky we got ’em) top together and get a round tabletop quilt on the frame. Oh yeah, my two BOM blocks came in the mail on Saturday, cut and sew those together.

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