Folded Corners

This past week I pulled a quilt kit out of the stack to do. It’s called “Good Times” the pattern is by Monique Jacobs. I got it from BluPrint last year, on sale, and it looked like something easy-ish to do. As always (not really) I read through all the instructions first, and saw that this pineapple block was made with the “place a marked square over the corner, sew, cut off extra” method. Maybe there is an acronym for that? I think it’s wasteful, and time intensive marking all those lines on the squares, 240 of them. Not to mention the bonus triangle creation. I have a Deb Tucker ruler to use for folded corners, that doesn’t create as many HSTs. It allows you to cut the corner off the foundation block and then cut a triangle to fit that corner, eliminating the line drawing, sewing and cutting. I take it one step further, as the triangles cut with the ruler are a bit larger and once sewn on need to be trimmed, I cut the HSTs with the Easy Angle. The Easy Angle triangle has the squared off tip which makes lining it up to sew easy. This saved me 10 FQs worth of fabric, the kit came with 40 (2 of each color), I consider this a real bonus ;).

There are twenty blocks for this twin sized quilt, and I was sewing them along at a nice pace. Then I got the mail, specifically a letter from my favorite power supplier, PG&E, that they were going to shut our power off for the whole day Thursday. They were threatening this earlier this month, 10/1/20, but never showed up, or called to cancel, or reschedule. Coincidentally, they also shut down many neighboring areas in our county due to the possibility of fires starting due to the very hot, dry weather we have been having. We luckily weren’t in the areas affected, those people lost power for two days. Anyway, they came and did the work, replacing a pole and transformer and finished in the dark at about 8:30 PM. So no sewing was done that day. I did accomplish a few rows of knitting though with the aid of a mini generator powering a reading lamp. Yesterday turned into a no-sew day too. I meant to get in there and finish up another round on the blocks. All of the sudden it was five o’clock, time to make dinner.

I am ready for some fall temperatures, we have been in the upper eighties all week. Too hot, some rain would be nice too, at least the smoke has cleared out. I will sew later today, and tomorrow.

Be Kind.