From the Scraps

I finished the Good Times quilt top earlier this week. I like it, the colors and the pattern work well together. It reminds me of the cold stormy Atlantic Ocean coasts, like in Maine or Newfoundland. Dark rocks, pebble beaches, the sea and the white/blue sky.

These are the scraps.

On the left are the light colored FQs and strips left over. The pile on the lower right are all the bonus triangle squares I made with the dark scraps. The upper right and middle are the rest of the dark shaded scraps. I dreamed up this pattern for them.

The red patches are the bonus triangle squares I made, the yellow patches will be the dark squares and the white patches are the light colored ones from the FQs. I was going along so well, then I figured out that I didn’t have enough dark batik scraps as needed for the yellow. Hmm. There is enough of the dark blue border left over. I think I will do that, it will bring some order into the pattern if all the ‘yellow’ patches are the same color. I kinda like this pattern, simple nine patches and white. I think it would work as a solid color, say with two shades of pink and white. Or black, gray and white, scrappy too, if you sort medium and dark shades. Based on 2 inch finished squares, this quilt ends up 36 x 54 before borders. Those pen scratches on the right side of the page represent another row of blocks, making it 42 x 54, without borders.

I finished the quilting in the center, top and bottom borders of the Costumers Ball quilt. Got it turned and pinned to the frame to do the side borders and realized it wasn’t straight. Well, not parallel to the rails. I tried to place the digitized border on and it was a parallelogram. I am going to try to straighten it today. I think if I use a ruler and an air erasable marker, I can mark a straight line on the backing fabric six or eight inches from the edge of the quilt. Then pin it to the leader along that line. In theory it might work, it’s a good thing I left the sides of the backing wide enough to do this.

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  1. Oh yes that is so pretty I could sit and look at it for hours. A friend of mine would always say, “that’s purt near perfect” when something would catch his eye. So I will have to use his words. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

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