I have always liked October, it’s a “full” month, 31 days, two minor holidays, four solid weeks. A good time to get things together and blast into the holiday season. This week I have been thinking about my goal list. I visited my beginning of the year post, most of those goals have been completed. Below is a bit of a post from late December 2019, which seems about a century ago.

End of the year compilations are starting to appear on some of the Quilter’s blogs I follow.  I am impressed with the amount of finishes, but also the numbers of UFO’s (completed and resting).  I’m trying to get a list together of what I want to accomplish next year.  I get stymied though, it’s like an avalanche of images that crashes in my mind.  Too much input.  I’m going to start small, how about January goals:

  1. Frolic
  2. Mrs. Millers Apprentice
  3. Live Simply (log cabin)
  4. 4 Baby quilts – commissions
  5. Finish peppermint poinsettia quilting
  6. Quilt Feathered star

That’s easier.  Goals for the next six months, rather general:

  1. Quilt tops that were completed last year, and before
  2. Keep on top of current BOM, Botanica Park
  3. Start wedding quilt (sept. wedding)
  4. One UFO from Last List 
  5. Construct quilt kits bought in 2019

So the January goals were all completed, well, except for number five. The next six months listed goals (so these were for January to June), I got 4 out of 5 complete or started – BOMs and kits. None of the UFOs got touched.

This brings us to October goals, which are going to clean up the beginning of the year list. Optimistically.

  1. Finish SQP – secret quilting project
  2. Finish Peppermint Poinsettia quilting – list on Etsy
  3. Finish Meeting of the Geese (kit from 2019)
  4. Finish quilting Costumers Ball – BEFORE 10/31 and Hang up
  5. October BOM blocks
  6. Get Growing Up Odd on the frame
  7. Make so Christmas items for Etsy

Four to be finished, one continue on, one start and one non committal (7). Yesterday I finished the paper pieced blocks for the SQP. YAY!! Now to put them all together into a top. Tuesday I started the Meeting of the Geese top. It was a kit I bought from Craftsy/Bluprint/Craftsy, it was basically 6 yards of fabric and a printout of the free pattern that is linked in number 3 above. I spent Tuesday cutting all the pieces and sewing the HSTs (used the Accuquilt cutter for the HSTs).

I have been sewing with the Singer 404, I think this is the longest time I have continuously sewn with it. I took it with me to Alsilomar two years ago and used it for four days there. It seems to be purring along now, sounding much smoother and like a well-oiled machine. My Bernina probably won’t be back for another 4 weeks. Sigh. I keep seeing things I want to make with it – embroidery, or embellishments or experiments. must be patient. I need to start thinking about serger projects, talk about itchy fingers, for when the L890 gets here. When I got the MDC1300 serger, three years ago, I bought a bunch of knit fabric and ribbing thinking I would make some shirts and pajamas. I made one shirt, and hemmed a bunch of sweat pants. I need to look through the patterns I bought with my subscription to Seamworks. Plenty of inspiration there. This could be an addendum to the goals above. It may get pushed to January though depending on the holiday schedule.

Finally, a quilt I made last month and gifted to a friend has taken up residence in an AirBnB rental. If you need a place to stay in Taos NM, this is it Stella Blue.

Be kind.