Oldest UFO

This project has been in a drawer for over twenty years, it’s a cross stitch on linen. Note the date of the magazine, 1995. I recently bought a new pattern for a sampler called ‘Pet All the Dogs’ from Teresa Kogut . I saw it on Jo’s Country Junction a few weeks ago, and decided that since I finished the Bright and Shiny wreath, I would like another hand sewing project. I got the pattern and started looking through the piles of DMC floss for the colors used in this project. That’s when I came across the UFO. I pulled it out and everything was ready to sew, there was the pattern and all the right DMC skeins even two needles. I worked on it for about an hour. I think I’ll work on in a bit more before starting the sampler.

I did have a bit of fun finding and ordering all the threads for the sampler though. I thought that I would use the Weeks dyed threads that are called for in the pattern. I like the way the space dyed threads work up in a project. I used a lot of Cosmo variegated threads in my Crabapple Garden Sampler quilt. You can see it in the lettering, the brown is all the same skien. The greens are too. It saves a little time by not having to switch thread colors and gives a little more interest.

I was a little surprised about the price of the Weeks floss, especially after seeing a price tag on the white Anchor skein from the UFO bag – .39 cents. The Cosmo floss isn’t cheap either, but its not hand dyed expensive. The store I bought the Anchor floss at, Flowertime, was a garden center-craft store chain. I worked there in the late 1980’s. I was into cross stitch back then, before quilting. Anyway, I ended up at the Fat Quarter Shop and ordered the called for threads, and linen fabric. I remember cross stitch as being a relatively inexpensive craft, but as with most things crafty the prices have risen. Between the Floss, pattern and linen cloth, this new pattern/kit is going to top 70.00, wow.

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  1. This will be fun to watch come together. It’s been years since I have cross stitched so the price tag would surprise me too.

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