Alaska Continues

Yesterday I started putting the blocks together for my version of the Laundry Basket Quilts pattern “Alaska”. I split it up into four sections, and I am using a webbing method to join these sections. I have all the blocks in separate numbered piles, and place them on my design wall in their proper place with pins to hold them.

Then sew the first two rows of 5 together with a lot checking and rechecking. The next rows go together a bit easier, but I am constantly rechecking placement. First half is good to go.

Taking these photos really helps with checking for placement of the blocks. The mirror image from left to right and top to bottom really makes my head hurt.

I have been working a bit on the cross stitch flowers, and the MKAL ‘Stillness’. I think I need to mark my cross stitch chart, because I keep finding mistakes, most are simple and I can leave them, but the last leaf I did is four rows too high. I might be able to leave it, because it doesn’t interfere with any other parts of the design. My shawl is coming along too, we are at the 50% done part, 3rd week of 5.

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