Project Fatigue

I am working on a few things right now, sort of in the middle of all of them. The newness and excitement has worn off, and the “work” stage has begun. This is the stage before the doldrum stage, which is the” if I have to do this one more time” part. There is still enthusiasm, but not the same as that of when the end of the project is in sight.

For me it goes like this:

  1. Oh! Pretty, let me think about that.
  2. Excited about new project
  3. Design and planning stage or Purchase
  4. Reading through the pattern
  5. Creativity flowing
  6. Discovering alternate ways to achieve better results
  7. Cutting and assembling blocks
  8. Work Stage – assembly line
  9. Doldrums – resisting putting it away for a bit (UFO land)
  10. Resist temptation to start something new, or not
  11. The end is in sight
  12. Excited to sew/see the finished top
  13. Load on frame to quilt and start at 1 again.

I’m at number 8 now with Alaska/Sewards Folly. I am making 20 of this color way.

So many pieces and steps times 20, after this I am looking forward to a bit of variety, as the blocks left are made in quantities of four or less.

Yesterday I finished the BOM blocks for Halloween Figs and Botanica. Got a little break from the above. Botanica is a large quilt, 102″ square, and the Halloween Figs is a bit smaller at around 65″ square. I like that they are very different from each other, and that I have a month to finish the blocks. Which can make the above list of Quilty feelings a bit more manageable. Or condensed into a few days.

Looking at my last post, I have accomplished a few things on my list, well, most of them. A good start to the week.

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