Sew and Sew

What does the phrase “So and so” mean any way?  So and so said… So and so was… it’s not really yada-yada, it’s more like what’s-her-name,  I dunno. what does the dictionary say –

Used instead of a particular name to refer to someone or something, especially when the real name is not important or you have forgotten it:
She always keeps me up to date with the latest gossip – you know, so-and-so from down the road is having a baby and so-and-so’s just bought a car.

It was a pretty quiet week here.  I made some progress on the Hillside kit quilt, all of the blocks done 18 main ones and 17 alternate ones.

Made some more masks.  A friend of mine got some very pretty tie dyed squares of fabric that she wanted masks made from.  I was able to make four from a square, with the addition of some batik for the inside layer.  Assembly line sewing at its best.  While I was at it I made a few more for friends and me.   Just got an order for 6 more, sigh.

Clue number 5 is out for the Unity quilt today.  It shouldn’t take too long, as it is three rows added to the top and bottom.  I may change up the colors, use red instead of the neutral.  Everything is two inches, there will be cutting of the rotary type with this step.

I got another quilt on the frame and started quilting a fairly simple end-to-end design called Feather Duster.  It moves fairly quickly, about 12 minutes a row.  I thought I had a picture of this quilt, but I don’t.  Here is the one from Bluprint.851D7A8B-013C-4A4A-ACBE-A63C83CEDA69

I added a six inch border of the blue floral print that is the backing.  I thought I did a post about this quilt, but maybe not.  I cut all the triangles with the Accuquilt cutter in about two hours.

The Hands 2 Help, over at  Confessions of a Fabric Addict , quilt drive is quickly coming to an end, donation quilts need to be sent out by the week of May 31st.  I have two tops done, maybe I’ll make one more.  The charity that really touched my heart this year is Little Lambs.  They give out small quilts to kids in foster care, who really don’t have much to call their own as they are moved through the system.  These need to be a bit smaller, up to 42 inches square, quilt-in-a-day type.

Off to sew.