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More half square triangles were sewn this week.  I cut the 512 triangles I needed for part four of Unity on Tuesday.  I used the Accuquilt for half of them, the neutrals, and cut the rest with my trusty Easy Angle.  Most of the scraps from the Estrella quilt are 2 ½ inch wide strips, so it was done pretty quickly, I just had to make sure I was getting variety.  I didn’t get to sew much yesterday, as it was errand  day.  I left my house (gasp!) at about 10:30 and finally got back at 3:30.  I did go riding, but most of the time was spent shopping.  By the end of the day, it was all I could do but sit and cut off the dog ears from the HSTs sewn that morning.

I do have a finish!  YAY! Monday I finished the quilting on the Heart in a fog quilt, Tuesday I squared it up and bound it.  It turned out nicely, very cheerful due to the rainbow of colors.  I really like this backing fabric, its from Wilmington, “Bubble Up”, a 108″ wide.

My frame is empty, I am going to get another quilt on it, hopefully today.  It’s only 4:30am, so I can say that and it may happen.  I’ll end with a picture of Chewie, fixated on a squirrel.     EE85411E-F991-4E04-8359-97F69BFEBE7D


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  1. Chewie and Enzo would get along wonderfully because he doesn’t like squirrels either. We have one that has a very flat tail and I call it skinny tail. Lol, Enzo knows its name too and scrambles for the door when I mention skinny tail. Is he a Bermese? Your quilts are very pretty and I love the quilting in both. That trimming of dog ears will teach you to use the die for all next time. Thank you for linking up last week.

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