Sew Forth and Sew On


This is my last “Sew” title post, I can’t think of any more.  Probably should have saved it for 5/4/2020, May the fourth be with you and all.

I stayed up last night and got round five of the Unity quilt finished.  More flying geese and some small squares.  The hardest part is keeping it mixed up enough.  The pile of left over French general fabrics is shrinking.  I’m happy about this, but also hoping I don’t have to buy any more. 3F8B1BF3-14FF-4CF8-B8DE-297460F02A9C

I finished the quilting on the Rambling Rose quilt.  The name is new, it popped into my head when I was doing the last row.  I was thinking of something that was western themed, Westworld, Annie Oakley, Wagons Ho, Denim and Roses, and so forth.  The tones are sepia and blues with cranberry red, it has an old west sort of vibe about it.  The backing is all mauve-y roses and leaves.  Going to get the binding on it today.

I managed to sew another twenty masks, for family and friends.  I’m really done with sewing them.  It’s not that they are hard to sew, or take that long, or aren’t appreciated, just that I have made over 90 of them.  I mentally don’t want to make anymore, but, then I have a hard time saying no.D69EA820-76BE-4A0D-BDB7-ACBA1D2C97C4

I did get my dahlia tubers separated and planted at the end of last week,  I’m anxiously awaiting sprouts.  This year I only have two tomato plants, an Early Girl and a Sun Gold.  I tried to start some seeds for peppers, but I don’t think they are going to sprout, it’s been two weeks.  The tomatillo seeds did sprout, along with a squash, so there will be something besides flowers on the deck this summer.  Tomatillos are surprisingly easy to grow and tolerant of neglect.  Last year I made green salsa and Chili Verde with the ones from my garden.