Sew Many

This week was all about chain stitching units.  I started a new quilt kit that I bought at the beginning of the year, it is called Pas de deux Hillside.  At  75″ x 99″, it is thirty five blocks with a solid border.  I used my new 2 inch finished HST accuquilt die to cut many triangles, it is set up to cut 12 pieces out of a 9″ x 8″ rectangle.  I layer 3 sets, six pieces of fabric, and run it through to cut 36 perfect, ready to sew sets.  I spent a couple of hours cutting and a few more mindless hours piecing the flying geese and HSTs.  It should be a top by the end of this week.  I have been listening to Sirius radio lately while sewing, trying to make my books last a little longer.  There is a station/channel that plays the top 1000 pop songs from the 1960’s through the 1970’s.  I am really surprised at how many I recognize, and know the words to.  So many songs that have memories attached to them, maybe that’s why they stick with me.  I have trouble remembering what I ate for breakfast yesterday.

Last Monday, my April installment of Botanica Park was delivered, a Tulip block.  After making all those tiny blocks for the Unity quilt, these went together quickly.  I really like the tones and colors of this batik line.   DA720397-256B-4E9E-A172-719CF5927DAD

I worked a bit on the Heart quilt that is on the frame (still).  There are two more rows left, the end is in sight.  I am deciding what/which quilt to put up next.  Maybe do some ruler work, or free hand.  I just bought a few new rulers that I want to try out.  Watching the computer quilt is only interesting for so long.  I want to be an active participant.

Round four of the unity quilt is up on Bonnies web site today.  This part looks a bit easier than last weeks, lots of 2 ½” HSTS.  I may be able to cut them with the Accuquilt die, but I am dealing with scraps, so it may be more work than its worth.

I’m trying to get a little bit of gardening done this week.  I have to plant my dahlia tubers.  Late last fall I dug them all up and separated them, carefully packing them in pine shavings and news paper.  I am going to open the container up today, hoping they are okay.  I have visions of mush, or them starting to sprout, all white and anemic.  I also started few seedlings, peppers and tomatillos, as I had good luck with them last year.  I managed to get two tomato plants from the local nursery that was delivering potting soil to me.  All of my veggies and dahlias live in planter boxes on my deck.  Otherwise they would be eaten in a matter of days.  It’s bad enough that the squirrels eat all the apples, and the gophers and voles eat anything green.

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