Sew Then

I made a dress.  Real clothes, it’s been a while.  I don’t think I’ve made any real clothing since I got my serger a few years ago.  I was all gung-ho about making pajamas and tee shirts, bought a bunch of knits and patterns.  Then promptly lost interest. The dress is from Made-By-Rae, The Washi dress pattern.  It was pretty simple to make, minimal parts and simple sewing.  I used a nice weight quilting cotton from Cotton and Steele, actually pre-washed it (gasp!).  The back piece has shirring, which is done with elastic thread in the bobbin.  I was pretty happy with the results of this experiment, probably should have adjusted the top tension a bit, my machine came through in the end.  The only thing I would add/change is to top stitch the side pockets.  I reinforced the stitching before and after them along the side seams.  This made it difficult to top stitch with out taking those seams out, so I’ll leave it as is.  I made a note on the pattern though, in case I ever make another.6BF16D97-D71D-4DF5-9EFF-E4C582A99AB7

I worked on round three of the Unity Quilt.  Lots of little flying geese, and many (1476) pieces in this round of thirty six star blocks.  I really like the French general scraps in this quilt, it’s turning out to be subtle, unlike Frolic, which is not.6DB6EFC0-AC90-4F15-A9F6-136EB690A317

I made some progress on the Heart quilt.  I think I am 75% done.  I seem to be having a bit of trouble with drift as the rows stitch out from left to right.  By the time the rows get about 12 inches from the right edge, the design is slightly overlapping the previous row.  Its not terrible, just annoying, as I try to compensate by starting the left side 1/4 inch more to the left.  I really should remember to alternate start sides, as it is too late to fix it now.  Good thing I have a note book that I keep these kinds of ‘thoughts’ in.B2FE23E7-DA18-4376-AB85-A0EF12E39020

Today, I might start a new project.  Or clean out/reorganize a shelving unit in my sewing room.  I have been following Cheryl Sleboda – as she hosts her annual Spring Clean Your Studio blog hop.  I have not really been inspired so far, in fact I feel slightly ahead of the curve as I look at some of the featured studios.  One tip I gleaned was to analyze the space and what you use it for and organize it to that function.  This hop is also inspiring me towards moving my studio into my sons bedroom.  It is about 30% bigger and he’s not going to be using it regularly for another year or two, as he is in school in another state.  Then I start thinking that I should paint it first.  Ugh Painting.  Then I think about what I am going to do with all the furniture and stuff (sports trophies???) that is in there.  Will it fit in the smaller room, and how, and the rug in there, do I want a rug, everything starts to pile up in my head.  I’d rather sew.

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