More triangulations

IMG_4506(Previously written) I got this top together, after the photo I noticed an error in the top right corner, I think that should be a half hex not two triangles. I made a bunch of pinwheels from the scraps from cutting the triangles. The seashell paired with the turquoise should make a good border. I found some pink that matches too. I’m thinking solid pink inner border, then pinwheels, then aqua binding.


This is as far as I got this past week , and I’m not too sure like it.  It also has some issues with square-ness.  The right side is 1 ½ inches shorter than the left side.  Umhmmm.  It’s weird because the right side has less bias edges.   

I was going to fix it yesterday, but we had no electricity for about eight hours.  Very disappointing.  This also meant that I couldn’t get any quilting done on my “Sew She Did” quilt.  I did about 4 hours on Tuesday, and I am nearing the finish.  Still have the binding to do too.  The 28th is looming on the horizon, just keep sewing, just keep sewing.

On the knitting front, I finished my Rock Pooling shawl and started a new cardigan, called Classic Oak Cardigan. IMG_4505

Plus the pattern for the fourth Shawl Society shawl is downloaded.  It’s quite pretty with lace and size, it’s called ‘In the Dunes’.


Not me, its Helen Stewart, the designer.

I think I want to buy more yarn (gasp!) to make it in a sandy-beachy color.  I should look in the yarn stash,  but the pattern calls for 1100 yards of light weight fingering or lace.  Hmm, there may be some alpaca or gradient dyed lace weight.  After a quick visit to yarn-landia, I realized that I do not need to buy anything yarn-like in the near future.  I found these two, the gradient one might work, but the Misti alpaca is so soft and there is enough yardage.  

Linking up with Denise today at For the Love of Geese for “Put Your Foot Down #14”.

I plan on doing that today!

2 thoughts on “More triangulations

  1. I kinda like the pink and green. Looking at it, it seems it should be square and I bet you find a silly mistake like the ones I pull off. The rock pooling shawl turned out great and I cant wait to see the new one. Thank you for linking up today. You have plenty of time before the 28th.

    • Yeah, I think it got stretched, the bottom right is where the fullness ended up. Thanks for the compliment on Rock Pooling, felt good to finish something.😊

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