The other day I saw a quilt that I wanted to make.  The pattern used equilateral triangles and half hexagons.  I liked how it was random enough, but still had some design flow and it would look good in scrappy mode.  I decided on using this shell fabric I have had for a few years, and two solid color charm packs that matched the print.  Then I got out the AccuQuilt and started cutting the print into triangles.  That was quick and easy.  Then I sorted out the charms and cut them in half and made them into hexagons using the Hex and More ruler/template.  It was going smoothly and so quick, I was actually thinking that I would have this top finished within the day.  As with all my quick and easy quilt plans, it was not to be.  As I started putting the blocks together, I noticed the half hexagons were too big, or rather the triangles were too small.  The AccuQuilt triangle die cut is 1/4 inch smaller than the triangles/hexagons cut with the hex and more.  ARGH!  It was time to leave the room and go quilt with the long arm.

The next day, I figured I had two options, sub out the shell fabric for something else and cut new triangles, or adjust all the half hexies and smaller triangles to fit.  I chose the latter, I was able to use the Hex and More ruler to cut the large pieces down to fit the triangles.  I got the blocks together, they are diamond shaped.  Then I had the problem of not having enough of them to make a decent sized quilt.  I was hoping for lap size, but it seems like it will be baby sized.  I am trying to make up a different pattern with the left over parts and pieces.  I am trying to sub in a few rows of large pieces triangles and seeing how I can get the sides straight and not sawtoothed, by inserting pieces.  I walked away from it again yesterday and spent a good amount of time long arming and not thinking of “it”.

I wish I could figure out how to use EQ8 to (re)design it, but its beyond my remedial skills.

The good thing is that my show quilt is getting quilted.  I’m about 40% done, if I continue at this pace I will be done before the due date, 8/28.  We have company arriving on Wednesday, so my sewing time will be limited.  Which reminds me I need to clean up the guest room.

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