A Week in Review

This past week was a busy one for me.  It started out last Thursday when I brought my machine in for servicing.  It had requested it with a very large pop-up screen on Wednesday.  I figured with it being gone for a week I could get started on my PIQF quilt.  It was on the frame and the battings were “resting”, or getting their wrinkles out.  I am trying to quilt on it for two hours a day, as it is due for entry on the 28th of this month.  After 5 days, I think I’m going to have to up the time to three hours.  The borders are pretty intensive, and it takes me about two hours to quilt each block.  I’m liking what I have so far, coming up with different designs for each one.  Lots of ruler work, and thread changes get tedious, but I think it’ll be a show worthy quilt when it is done.  My machine was done on Saturday and I picked it up Sunday, it purrs again.

I got to work on my Mrs. Miller’s Apprentice blocks for this month, pretty baskets with lots of HST.IMG_4438

I put a border onto my Minute quilt too, still trying to use up that fabric pile. I have  about a half yard of each left.  I feel like it needs another border to frame it up, maybe red or blue or white.IMG_4440

This week I also went on a bit of a shopping spree.  I saw a set of quilt frame clamps on the Bernina Q24 facebook page that I needed.  They were available at Nancy’s Notions, and a fat quarter bundle of Sequoia (Laundry Basket Quilts) jumped into my cart too.  Then I got an email from Nancy’s that their Accuquilt stock was on sale – 20% off.  Oh so tempting, I have been wanting to get the Angles Companion Qube set.  It will make cutting out the Alaska quilt so much easier, all those triangles.  After I had it in the cart, I noticed that in order to really get the most use out of it, they recommend that you have the Mix and Match set.  They are both on their way to my studio now.   Also, while cutting the pieces for the Minute border, I realized that my cutter was getting dull.  I went to the drawer of notions to get a new blade.  This is what I found:IMG_4439

I found some new ones on Amazon, rather than going to the store, for further temptation.  I guess I can confess to yarn purchases (Christmas sweater, sock yarn) and a pattern and fabric kit for the Judy Niemeyer Feathered Star quilt, while I’m at it. It was all on sale – really.

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