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My new window is in, but the room still has to be painted.  This means that all my stuff is still stacked in my DS’s room.  Sadly, he isn’t coming home for his spring break, but that also means that I don’t have to hurry and clear all the stuff out of his room.

Having no sewing space has been helpful in some ways.  I finally finished the Forest Floor quilt.  I believe that it took me longer to quilt it than it did to make the top.  I think I started the top last April, maybe March, quilting started in January ’19.  Anyway, it is almost a finished quilt, I still have to bind it, once my room is put back together.


I am starting a new pair of socks today, they are a new pattern, the first of Curious Handmade’s Season 2.  They are called Shell Cottage Socks, the yarn I have is a gray, with the name Pearlescent Tonal, its a super wash Merino from Knit Picks.  I attended Stitches West last weekend, and tried to show some restraint as to stash enhancement.  I got yarn for three pairs of socks, a sweater, a shawl and a light linen shell.  There is just so much yarn to see and feel and imagine working with at this show.  I should go to my LYS more often, but since this show is at the beginning of the year, I usually end up buying enough yarn to last me a year or more.

Speaking of local shops, my local Quilt and Sewing Machine shop has been hinting about closing.  I’m saddened by this, as they have been in business for a really long time, the business was started by the family matriarch, and in the early nineties the next generation took it over. I have bought all my machines from them, and many yards of fabric.  I was there two weeks ago for their past-presidents day sale, stocks were low, no new lines of fabric seemed to be out on the floor.  They seemed to have stopped giving classes too.  I bought a laser pointer for my longarm, and a few yards of fabric.  The owner seemed a bit melancholy, but happy to get the sale.  I realize it’s getting harder and harder to own a small retail business these days.  I myself am guilty of internet shopping for most of my supplies, but it’s so much easier and in a way faster.  I have to make that extra effort to drive the 30 minutes to visit the store.  I hope others will too.

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I get a Whoop Whoop? today, as I am happy to have Forest floor (almost) done 😉

3 thoughts on “New Window on the World

  1. I love to go to the local quilt shop and see all the new fabric. Our guild has a great shop sponsoring our spring quilt show. They are really “giving back” to the area quilters who have sustained their business. It is a win for everyone when a small business flourishes. It is sad to see a LQS close. One nearby has been trying to find a buyer, while another further away was successful in selling the business and it has become a much nicer shop. Best of luck with your LQS. As quilters we need to support the local business if we want to be able to touch and feel fabric before we purchase. I gasp at LQS prices when I KNOW I can get them on line for less. Shop carefully! 🙂

    • A Shop to the north of me recently closed, I had only been there once, a bit farther than I usually go. They were selling the business, but not the location. I think they were renting it, and got priced out. I like to find a bargain on fabric as well. I still have a problem paying over ten dollars a yard, I know that prices have been steadily rising, but I can’t help but remember 3.99 a yard cottons. Sigh.

  2. I love your quilt!!!a long time quilt shop for me has closed recently. Really sad. It was so far away and I’d always spend a couple hundred when I took the trip. There is 1 shop now working 20 miles and all others are in St Louis. I don’t make the trip to StL.

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