All thumbs

Last Sunday night I was making dinner, happily slicing up some collard greens (yeah collards) with my newly sharpened knife.  It happened quickly and mostly painlessly, but now my left thumb has a nice bandage on it. Luckily, I had gotten most of the sewing room put back together Friday and Saturday. Here’s my new view of the rainy weather and the poor soggy daffodils. IMG_4100

Due to my accident, not much sewing went on this week, and no knitting.  I got my Mrs. Millers blocks for March done today.  I used the technique in the booklet to make the Cats Cradle blocks with the easy angle.  It’s an OK technique, it seems like there is a bit less bias to deal with but next time I’ll use scant 1/4″ seams.  Most of my points are showing 😉 These blocks are 6 ½” much smaller and more fiddly than the Christmas fig ones, those are 12 ½ .  That BOM comes next week, I think I’m on the tenth month with that quilt, be done by next Christmas.IMG_4099

I’m kinda bummed I can’t knit, I just started the Sea Shell socks, got the ribbing done and I was about to start the ‘fun’ part, the patterning of the leg.  I’m hoping that the bandaid with be off soon.  I’m doing these two at a time, I separate them to turn the heels and then finish them together.  The color reminds me of the beach sand where I grew up.IMG_4101

My goals for this week are to get the Plus quilt on the frame and figure out how I’m going to quilt it.  I also have another baby quilt (mothers/cousins/sons/baby) to do, but hoping I can use one of the tops I already have made.  I got some Minky on sale at Amazon/ last week, so that’ll be a quick turn around.

Now if it would only stop raining.

3 thoughts on “All thumbs

  1. Oh my, I feel your pain! I am banned from rotary cutting while my finger heals from surgery. I have a nice screw in my long finger on my right hand that has to “set” before I am allowed any fun. It is keeping me from even hanging out in the sewing room. i hope yours heals quickly….5 weeks to go for me. Patience…….

    • Sorry to hear about your finger, any chance it prevents you from doing dishes? When I broke my wrist (about 8 years ago) I figured out a way to use the cast to help push the cutter in those last weeks of recovery. Hope your finger heals quickly 🙂

      • LOL…don’t I wish about those dishes. Thank goodness for a dishwasher. No handwashing for me as I must not get it wet or really put that hand to much work. Only the things I can do one handed get done. I leave the rest for the hubby.

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