Yesterday I started moving some of my stash and shelving out of my sewing room in preparation for the new window installation.  I got a bit side tracked and sorted out a few drawers of miscellaneous fabric.  Cut offs from backings, extra blocks, strips of other fabrics and archival fabrics.  The last bunch was stuffed in the back of a drawer.  I remember buying this fabric, I liked the colors and I thought it was a nice scene, buying it because I liked it, and it was not for any project in particular.  I think this was the beginning of buying fabric just for the fun of it, to collect it, stash enhancement.  At the time, I had three small children, and not a lot of free time or money to splurge on fabric.  I think there may have been a certain amount of guilt attached to this piece of fabric.  Twenty years later, I still don’t have a clue what to do with it.  It’s large enough to make a backing, with some creative piecing, but that seems like the easy way out.  I could make individual blocks out of the different scenes and surround it with similarly colored pieced blocks.  I could cut it up really small and use it for a neutral.  I could leave it up on the design wall, but the window replacement…

This past weekend I worked on finishing the Forest Floor quilt.  I got the ‘top to bottom’ quilting done, and turned the quilt on the frame to complete the ‘left to right’ borders.  Here are some pictures, this is all computer guided, a set of designs from Wasatch Quilting .  I just got a laser pointer and installed it on my longarm, it points to where the needle will pierce the fabric.  It made placing the designs so much easier.

Also, earlier this week I bound these two quilts.  The Cat walk quilt and coincidentally an older UFO that was a mystery quilt in which I used a Julie Paschkis line called Catkin.

I haven’t heard form the contractor yet, so I think I have another day to empty the room. My DH is home today, for past presidents day, might be able to get some help there.

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