Last week I decided to put the S@S together.  I figured that if I didn’t it would just become a UFO that would never see the light of day again.  I also hoped that it would magically look better once it was together.  Here is the top.  I may add borders, but for now, its a top.IMG_3327

This week I finished quilting my “Sheila” Blues for Monday top.  I did lots of swirling feathers, then pumpkin seeds and cross hatch on the trees.  I used a pounce and stencil to do the feathers.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done feathers and the stencil is a good guide for me. It seems to help me keep the feather loops equally sized and spaced.  I can also concentrate on the rhythm and motion, which creates a better looking feather as well.  My only problem is getting the blue chalk out of the fabric.  I bound the quilt and then put it in the dryer on air fluff.  It looks better, but there are still spot of blue chalky-ness.  I’m thinking of putting a dryer ball in with it to “beat” the dust out of it.  Or maybe vacuuming it with a upholstery attachment on my canister vac.  I am scared to wash it, as I picture the blue becoming a stain and never leaving.


Once Sheila was off the frame I put the sorority T-shirt quilt on and quilted that in a few hours.  I want to bind it today and get it back to my friend tomorrow.  I was a bit concerned that the appliquéd letters on a few of the shirts would be a problem.  I just slowed the machine down a bit and it sewed through them just like the rest of the fabric. I did have a slight problem with the minky poking through with the stitches.  It is more visible on the white blocks, but not overly so, if I don’t point it out, I doubt any one will notice.

I added borders to the baby boy quilt too.  I had to wash the backing for this quilt because a certain dog found the package of fabrics after it was delivered.  While playing his favorite game of keep away, the backing got a bit of mud on it.  Unfortunately there is still a light stain, fortunately, for the dog, it is near the selvedge, so it won’t be problem.


Finally, I had a few hours free Sunday morning, so I got the blocks for the Missouri Quilt shop’s pattern “Falling Charms”  out and on the design wall.  There are 100 of the 7 inch squares, and they went together quickly using Bonnie Hunters method of Webbing the top.  It needs borders, I still have enough 1930’s scraps to make something, maybe flying geese?


I’m itching to start something new, I have two or three (?) kits I got on sale from Craftsy a few months ago.  Or I could look through the patterns pile or maybe a UFO.  My kitchen/living area remodel is on the brink of starting, just waiting on the permits.  Moving all the furniture and kitchen things should keep my busy in the next few weeks.  Fortunately my sewing room and long arm studio won’t be affected, I’ll still have a refuge.

Linking up with Judy today at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts today for design wall Monday. Judy has a short tutorial about making a sweet replica doll sized quilt.