Blues for Monday

I finished up my “Blue Spruce” inspired top with borders and and offset rows.  Since I didn’t have the original pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts I made up my own.  I decided to call it “Sheila”.  In my ‘way back when’, I had a neighbor named Sheila.  She loved the color blue, in her home she had a vast collection of blue glass bottles and vases, a blue carpet and light blue paint on the walls.  Every Christmas she would have a beautiful Blue Spruce tree with equally gorgeous ornaments of blue and silver with blue and white lights. As a young child I was in awe of this tree, and would try to see it every year, even if only through an open door while passing.  These blue trees remind me of that time in my life,  and thats the story behind the name, I think she would like it too.

There will be lots of quilting in the open spaces.  I’d really like to do something of a trapunto like design with interesting fill and texture.

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