Chaos at Sea

For the past week I have been trying to make this quilt top work.  It just doesn’t want to play nicely.  The blocks are paper foundation pieced, which means no design wall.  Crawling around on the floor is not conducive to inspiration for me.   I set it up, walk away for a day and the next time I look at it, it’s still not working.  I think it’s just too scrappy, I should have made the blocks with more consistent shading.  Something like all the inner squares light and the outer triangles dark or medium shades.  In the beginning I was looking to create an ocean of waves, sparkling with the many blues of water and wave and light.  I don’t think its a total loss though, I will sew it together and maybe with some strong quilting lines it will “gel”.  The last picture on the right is the final mock-up.

Last week I also worked on a T-shirt quilt with a friend.  Her daughter is in a sorority at San Diego State.  When they graduate, they have a tradition of making quilts out of their t-shirts.  My friend has been dreading making this quilt for the past few years, as she doesn’t sew and really wants to make it special for her daughter.  There is a whole presentation ceremony that goes along with this sorority tradition, as you can imagine.  We had a fun and stress free afternoon cutting out the shirts and stabilizing them.  She was in charge of the iron and I did the rotary cutting.  I asked her if she’d like to cut, but she was happy to iron.  She did the layout too.  I am going to add lavender sashing and a burgundy colored minky backing, the quilting is a simple bird (their mascot is a dove) with loopy flowers.


On my design table this week is a baby quilt for one of my Dh’s associates at work.  The pattern is from Carrie Nelson’s book “Schnibbles” called Reveille.  This is the small version, but I added nine more blocks, as the original quilt finishes at 37 inches square.  The fabric is a really cute collection called Stellar Baby.  I used most of a layer cake and about a yard of white to make these 6 3/4 inch square blocks and the border.

This week ended on an up-beat though despite the chaos on my floor, I hope to have the S@S quilt put together this week.

I’m linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday.  Check out her pretty Valentine Day quilt!

6 thoughts on “Chaos at Sea

  1. That is nice of you to help your friend with a T-shirt quilt – so far I have resisted helping anyone with one of those. It is going to turn out very nice. I agree with your assessment of the Storm at Sea pattern – the lights and darks really make a difference on this pattern. But finish it, and make another one with lots of contrast in the lights and darks, and chalk it up to a learning quilt. I learn something with every qult I make – I constantly make corrections – but then make do other things that teach me. That’s why I love quilting.

    I love the baby quilt – so pretty in blues! Thanks for linking up with Design Wall Mondays, Judy.

    • Thanks, I am going to put to together and see how it looks. I’m happy with the baby quilt too, it’s such a cute fabric line, makes me smile.

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