2022 Wrap up

I’m going to start by looking at last years wrap up. This Post, is from January 1, 2022, it ends with this list.

List of UFO’s to finish in the next 365 days: 

  • Simple things 1930’s embroidery/appliqué 
  • Teal, black and white maze quilt
  • Love Entwined Quilt – appliqué 
  • 365 Batik block quilt 270 blocks to go
  • Dragon quilt finish quilting embellishing etc (oldest circa late 1900’s)
  • Holiday Snow Village 2021 BOM
  • Needing quilting/binding Berties year, Growing up odd, Misses Miller, Christmas Figs, Halloween Figs, Botanica Park, Washboard, Red and white quilt, Paper pieced ice quilt, Autumn leaves, Quick curve quilt.

Hmm, I did work on the first one, Simple things, the next five, um no, didn’t see the light of day. The last, the TBQ list, I got 7 quilted, Berties year is on the frame, but I still haven’t started it yet. I did get a lot done this past year. The book of finished quilts is down stairs, and I’m feeling a bit lazy, I’ll go get it in a bit. I don’t know if I have written about this note book, I started it late in 2018. It is a typical composition book, black and white cover, wide ruled, this kind of note book you may have had in elementary school. The one with the pages that don’t rip out easily. I write up all my long arming projects in it, which are really my finished quilts. I keep track of size, batting used, panto, thread, and backing used. As well as the technical stuff, like needle size, stitches per inch, tension adjustments, problems with the quilt and the date started. All very organized, I am a little proud of it too. Although, I don’t think it would help anyone else understand my process/work stream. I found I was struggling with organizing my long arm work, I would start a quilt and then it would sit a few days and I would forget what I had done, and it would take a while to remember, back tracking and rolling the quilt back and forth. Not a fun time, especially when I only had a few hours to quilt, I didn’t want to spend it “remembering”. My DH has been keeping a similar book for his beer making for many years, in fact I used one of his unused note books. There is also a document on my laptop called Quilt List, which has every quilt I have made on it. I need to up-date it too, I last added to it in November, I had just topped 300 lifetime quilts.

Three things I want to get finished this first month of 2023 are:

  1. BOM A Ribbon runs Through it
  2. BOM Reunion
  3. Chilhowie the 2022/3 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

My UFO list:

  • Simple Things
  • Holiday Snow Village 2021 BOM
  • Message in a bottle 2022 BOM – catch up
  • Three from 2021 list
  • Long arm UFOs Bertie, Ice Quilt, Growing up Odd and Washboard.
  • Botanica Park, I did add on to the backing and fix the errant HSTs, just need to finish quilting/binding.

Finished 2022 List:


  • 5 Hats
  • Half of a cotton shopping bag


  • 35 Finished Quilts
  • Sold 26 Quilts
  • 2 Tops in the TBQ stack

Cross Stitch

  • 5 Finished/framed
  • 1 done stitching
  • Working on Pilgrim started 1/26/22, about 75% done

That about sums it up for the crafty pursuits of 2022. I am contemplating keeping a running inventory of fabric purchases for 2023. Do I really want to know that total? Maybe, but then ignorance can lead to bliss in my case.

Be Kind.

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  1. My knitting count was dismal this year, but that’s OK, there’s always 2023 to try to knit more! If I would stop quilting and sewing so much. LOL! Happy 2023!

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