First steps

I took a long trip yesterday, to Sacramento. There was a break in the weather, two days with no rain, and I thought the traffic would be lighter due to the holiday week. I also scheduled a lunch with a friend who is in the capital area visiting relatives this week. In the back of my car was my Q24 longarm machine, it was time to take it to the Bernina certified repair man. He came out to my car to bring it in, as he did, he talked to me to find out what was going on with it. It was nice to see that he was interested in the machine and seeing what was wrong with it. Right off he found three things that needed fixing, and that were most likely related to the issues I was going through. Oddly he said that the check spring was missing out of the upper thread assembly. Where did it go? I think I would have noticed it laying about on my quilt top. My machine has about 17 million stitches on it, the recommended amount is 22 million for the first service. It will get that service a bit early, which is okay with me. Now to wait out the two to three weeks for the fixing. I miss it already, it’s kinda sad to walk by the frame and not see it there.

This past week I got a bit of sewing done on the Cotton Couture quilt top. I fixed the error and got all the sections together. When I bought this quilt kit, I also bought some extra fabric from the same line (on sale) thinking I would make two. I started cutting the second one Wednesday, and got a few units sewn together. I found a few fabrics from my stash that go well with the panels and left over scraps from the kit.

I want to wrap up my year of sewing with a list or two and maybe a list of UFO’s that have been on the shelf for a while.

Number of Quilts finished this year : 39

Number of Quilt tops finished this year: 9 (not quilted yet)

Cross stitch pieces FFO: 10 – Floral Circle, Cat head, Pet all the dogs, Strawberry fields, Changed World, Newcastle Bouquet, Irish Saying, Set her Sails, Comfort and Joy, and Red Birds

Knitting: 3 hats, 2 Cowls, 1 Shawl

2022 BOM’s joined: A Ribbon Runs Through It and Reunion

List of UFO’s to finish in the next 365 days:

  • Simple things 1930’s embroidery/appliqué
  • Teal, black and white maze quilt
  • Love Entwined Quilt – appliqué
  • 365 Batik block quilt 270 blocks to go
  • Dragon quilt finish quilting embellishing etc (oldest circa late 1900’s)
  • Holiday Snow Village 2021 BOM
  • Needing quilting/binding Berties year, Growing up odd, Misses Miller, Christmas Figs, Halloween Figs, Botanica Park, Washboard, Red and white quilt, Paper pieced ice quilt, Autumn leaves, Quick curve quilt.

See you next year!

Be Kind.