Assembly Complete

I finished piecing the top for Spider and the Fly quilt yesterday. It is from a pattern by Bonnie Hunter, a PDF download ($) from her site Quiltville . I took a series of photos along the way, it took me about 27 days to assemble it. It is in the to-be-quilted-pile now, and used up a majority of the scraps from the Halloween Figs quilt. I still have most of a jelly roll, a charm pack and about four yards total of uncut yardage. There is probably another quilts worth in the bin, but not a large one.

I’m still working on the Reflected Harmony quilt. I’m about 20 percent finished, and I am hoping to do more this week, as it’s going to rain though Sunday. I have no reason to go out, all the shopping is done and the garden is doing it’s fall thing. Speaking of fall, look at the color of this Pastiche tree in my neighborhood.

Excuse the Trash/recycle cans, but this tree just glows red.

The Newcastle Bouquet stitchery is progressing, I have most of the flowers in the left hand side border finished. I’d probably be further along, but counting errors have been frequent, there has been some ripping and mild swearing involved.

The punch needle piece is on the side lines for a bit. I pick it up now & then, and add a few strands. I wish that there was less needle threading and more actual stitching. It seems to me that I spend more time separating the floss strands and threading the needle. It’s a process I guess.

I am trying to decide what to start now. The first installment of the Reunion BOM arrived last week. I haven’t even opened it up yet, before I know it another block will be here. Then it will be January, and the first block of “A Ribbon Runs Through it” will be here. What possessed me to sign up for two large BOM’s for 2022? Could it be that I signed up for one, forgot about it, and signed up for the second?

I recently picked up some precut batting for microwave bowl holders. I think they will make good Christmas gifts, simple sewing, quick finish, practical. Almost as good as underwear, which is sort of a joke around here, as everyone gets underwear for Christmas from Santa.

Off to sew.

Be Kind.