Some Assembly Required

Last week I ordered a frame and backing board for the Changed World cross stitch piece. I have ordered from Custom Frame Solutions before, and I am happy with their service and products. When the UPS dropped off my new frame I noticed that it was in a long thin box, not the 11″ x 14″ box I was expecting. Its okay though, as the frame came with nifty fasteners and it is simple enough to knock them in with a rubber mallet. The backing board isn’t here yet, so I am no further on this finish.

I finished all the parts for the S&F (spider and the fly) quilt and got all of the block Bs together. I used the webbing method, doing five blocks at a time. I am going to get to the A blocks today. I just realized how appropriate it is that I am doing webbing with these blocks.

I started the punch needle piece. It took me about an hour to figure it out, no YouTube videos were watched either. I figured that it was easy enough, as I had an idea of how it was done. I started out with three strands of floss, too much, and bumped it down to two. Threading the needle gave me a bit of a pause, and how long to make the needle. The length of the needle determines how big of a loop you get. The loop thing, ha, I feel a little foolish about that. I couldn’t figure out how to get the loops to form on the top side of the design. An “aha” moment: you stitch on the back side where the printed lines are, the loops are on the front/other side. Once I got going I was punching away. I am using 1 yard long pieces of floss, and they get used up pretty fast. The light green leaf has three yards of floss in it. I may re-do one of the white flowers, as it looks more like a dandelion.

Assembling away.

Be Kind.