Pain in the Neck

Yesterday upon getting out of bed, I turned my head and something happened to my neck. It was very painful, I went to my chiropractor and she worked on it for a bit. I was able turn my head to the right about 15 degrees by the end of the day. Lots of sitting and icing made time for hand stitching. I finished the Elefantz block I’ve been working on this month, while my Q24 stitched out another two rows of pantographs. I finished the moth and started the border on the NB sampler too.

Then I moved to stitching the Changed World sampler. This new sampler is the one I started on August 1st, as a SAL with Judy at Patchwork Times, Denise at Just Quilting and Jo at Jo’s Country Junction. It’s a loose and stitch when you can sort of SAL. Check ins are Fridays, and this is what I have for the first five days of stitching. Since I am now stitching two samplers, I have decided that I will stitch the Newcastle Bouquet on even numbered days and Changed world on odd numbered days.

Lower border and corner squares

I’m using a hoop for this one, I started out using a Q-snap frame, but it was too heavy. I liked the space it had for stitching and the ease of getting the fabric into it, but it was too much strain on my wrist to hold it. I switched to a little hoop after trying a 10 inch plastic hoop (too heavy) and it seems to be okay. Recently I saw a hoop holder on a floss-tube, made by Lowery. I liked that it was adjustable and metal with a small footprint. It also can hold hoops or frames, my current holder is only for scroll frames. I found one at Love Crafts and with a promotional coupon and a bit of wavering (do I really need it?) I ordered it. I feel like I am at the dentist when I sit in my stitching chair. I have a light over my head, a magnifier and small table on the right, the frame holder on the left and a foot stool in front. My DH wonders why I don’t jump up to get the phone when it rings.

A little more sewing was done on the Washboard road top. I squared up all the blocks and started to web the top. I think I’ll get it done this weekend. Especially because I have two days to myself, my DH is going on a short road trip with friends. Thankfully, my neck is feeling much better today and I’ll be sewing a lot this weekend.

Be Kind.

6 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

  1. It’s ridiculous the number of frames and holders I’ve tried but that one looks like I might would like it. Love your moth. Your stitching is always so pretty. Are you doing all the borders then going back to fill in the center?

    • I hear you about the stands, lol. The Lowery stand has a (sold separately) longer arm piece for use with a recliner. I am doing the borders on changed world first, I think I need to show myself that its not that “big”. The Newcastle one is big, but I’m making progress 🙂

  2. Ouch, I feel for you, get well soon. I have a few Elefants patterns in my collection. Need to complete a few WIPs before I commence anything new

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