Washboard Road

Today I am working on getting the Washboard road blocks organized. I have all of the halves made, and since I want to make an ombre/fade pattern with them I figured that it would be easier this way. I spent the last few days making the pieces, and yes, I made half of them facing the wrong way. In my defense, I am using solid color fabrics, so it can easy to flip things around or over to the wrong side. I just feel a bit ashamed (not really, more mad at myself) that I did it 79 times. Chain piecing is a blessing and a burden, at least that’s what I told myself as I was ripping out and resewing those parts. I am using the spare bed in the guest room to lay them out on, not too sure I want to do the bending down thing today.

Last night I started to stitch the moth in the left hand corner of the Newcastle Bouquet piece. This moth is what first attracted me to this sampler, I saw Jo Kramer stitching it last year and wanted to make it too. I also got and kitted up Heaven and Nature (another Teresa Kogut design) because of Jo showing hers. On that sampler, it was a raccoon that attracted me. Sunday, August 1 starts the Changed World SAL hosted by Patchwork Times, Jo’s Country Junction, and Just Quilting’. This will be a departure of my stead fast rule for my cross stitching, ‘only one project at a time’. As I am well aware, it is hard for me to show restraint when it comes to starting new things. I always have a few Quilty things going on, a knitting piece, handwork and a pile of UFOs. When I re-started cross stitching, I told myself I wasn’t going to be taken in by the start-itis I have with all my other hobbies/etc. I have all the excuses (I just wrote excesses there) its a smaller piece, its a SAL, I like the pattern, I’m almost done with the Newcastle… I think I will alternate days I stitch on each, that’s reasonable, lol.

I finally finished the LA quilting on the large Chickadee panel quilt. You probably heard my sigh of relief as those last four locking stitches ended on the last row. I am planning on putting the yellow and navy table runner I made recently on the end of the backing of this quilt. I think there may be enough, but I just wanted to be done, so I left, and enjoyed my sense of accomplishment. This quilt used up about 600 yards of thread, not too bad, there wasn’t a lot of back stitching or retracing of the design (Thankful flowers). It was a complicated design though, so my machine had to slow down a bit for all those curves and bubbles. Each row took about two hours and fifteen minute to stitch out. There was no thread breakage and the only time I had to stop was when I ran out of bobbin thread mid-row. I want to finish the other two tops with the Julie Paschkis fabrics in them, that I made earlier this year. I am thinking of a paw print panto though, as they have cat and animal themed prints.

Be Kind.

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