Two Bags in One

I am making shopping bags this week. Just two, and a zipper bag to hold them. The shoppers are designed like those nasty plastic ones, only they are reusable and washable. Plus they are a lot prettier to look at. The recipient of these bags enjoys visiting London UK, sense the theme here? This is a linen print I picked up as a remnant, Cotton and Steel, I only had a yard, which was enough to cut the main parts for two bags, but only the handles for one. Stash to the rescue, I have a bunch of Essex linen scraps, this gray was perfect. The linings are Bella solids, simple. The zipper bag pattern came from The Polka Dot Chair, I used Annies foam stabilizer in between the fabrics and denim instead of canvas. It is “cushy” and padded, I don’t think is big enough for an iPad, but a good idea for one.

One shopper is inside the zip bag.

Speaking of stash, on our local neighborhood email group, someone posted a need for fabric and yarn. They are part of a local charity that makes blankets and things for homeless and low income families. I asked if they could use batting scraps, and yes, they could. I found three bags full, and another three bags of yarn, just hanging around. I stuffed them all into my car, for drop off later today. Yay! for de-stashing.

Yesterday I wanted to finish up the quilting on my Grassy Creek quilt, I even turned everything on and got ready to line up the next row. Then I remembered that our power supplier was going to work on equipment near by, which means they shut the power off on our road. For hours. It makes me angry, not that I don’t have power, but that they let the infrastructure degrade so much over the past 50 years, that now they have to replace rather than maintain. Reminds me of another big state in the news recently. Anyway, we had gotten letters saying that they were going to do said work on 3/9/21. Rather than have the power cut while quilting mid-row, I opted to cut out the bags. Of course, they didn’t shut it off, and they don’t have to tell us that they aren’t going to do the work on that day. They’ll just send a re-schedule notice next week. I am hoping to get GC done today. The power company can’t shut us off without 72 hours notice, thankfully. So I am safe for a few more days.

Be Kind.