Needs More Cow Bell

Actually, needs more fabric is a better title, but I like the old SSNL skit with Christopher Walken. Last month I signed on to Busy Hands’ quilt-a-long for Myra’s Hampton Court quilt. This is a monthly check in, low stress, fairly easy pattern, with nice community of quilters and I liked the quilt. First task was to choose the fabric, I wanted to use the two rolls of 30’s type florals I had bought when Blueprint had a clearance sale. But the more I looked at it, the less I liked the idea. Then the fat quarter stack of ‘Sequoia’ from Laundry Basket Quilts caught my eye, yes, that’ll do. Now to find the perfect accent solid for the pattern, I picked “earth” Bella Solid (small piece in photo), and ordered three and a half yards from The Fat Quarter shop. I then started cutting the strips from the FQ’s thinking I could get it done while waiting for the solid. That chore was finished last week and I still don’t have my accent fabric. Then I had the idea to order a different color/type from a different shop, and it would be here sooner. On average my last few orders of yardage from The FQS, have taken three weeks, precuts and supplies are faster though. I picked a pretty rust colored Essex linen ‘Sierra’ over at Equilter, checked the pattern and read 8 yards of contrasting/background needed, okay, done. I was happy that I had caught my mistake of not ordering enough fabric in the first order. Then I started thinking, wow, eight yards is a lot of fabric for this pattern. Yeah, like four and a half too much, darn it. I mis-read the pattern PDF, in my defense (lol) it was vertical on the screen, and reduced in size, and threes can look like eights. Mmhmm.

Now I have a bunch of fabric coming, a bunch because I had to buy a few more yards to get free shipping on both orders too. It’ll be a fun day when it all finally does arrive. I am thinking that the Earth colored Bella will also go with my collection of Tim Holtz fabrics, definitely a quilt or two worth of those. And, a pieced backing for the Hampton Court quilt will finish the linen. That’s my plan.

Baby quilt with Mia Charro Prints

I am slowly working my way through the quilting of my Grassy Creek quilt. I am using wool batting and a pretty swirling feathery panto called Seaside Feathers. I like the puff, and the light weighted-ness wool batts give to a quilt. Once GC is off the frame, I have the two Mia Charro baby quilts (above) to get done, and the table runner I made for my DS back in December. Work is just piling up around here. It’s a rainy day today, so the lure of being outside is not as strong, good day for quilting.

I’ve been making progress on the Pet all the Dogs sampler. Started the side border yesterday, and finished the motifs on the right side. I’m kinda wishing I had incorporated a bit more color in this sampler, but I’m committed to finishing it as is. I finally got all the threads and fabric and patterns together for my next two cross-stitch projects, Heaven and Nature Sing and Strawberry Fields. They are all kitted up and waiting.

Be Kind.