I worked on the Halloween Wall hanging yesterday, I need to think up a good name for it. The kit was called Costume Makers Ball or something like that, doesn’t really sound like Halloween to me.

Tuesday night I finished the cross stitching part of my floral piece. On to the outlining. I am using Superior Threads Kimono silk, doubled to sew with. Its slow going though, about an hour per flower.

I want to start knitting something now that the weather is cooling a bit. I have given up on the peacock shawl. After starting and restarting six times, I called it quits. I think I am going to use a stole design instead, seems a little more functional too. There was something about knitting a circle that wasn’t working for me, I kept loosing stitches, or yarn overs, or counting wrong – chalk it up to experience.

I ordered two new cutting dies for the Accuquilt cutter. A pineapple block on board and a 2 ½” strip cutter. I want to use the strip cutter to cross cut strip sets, and the pineapple quilt is a kit I bought from Bluprint/craftsy. I’d rather not cut all the pieces separately. I should check to see what size “logs” are used.

I have been diligently working on the SQP quilt, an hour a day, well except yesterday. I’m procrastinating today writing this post, it is early in the day yet.

Be Kind