The title to this post was created by “Onyx” my DD’s new puppy. I think its quite stylized, sort of a ‘W’. He jumped up and hit the keys with his little paw.

I want to share this photo from our trip to Napa two weeks ago. It is taken in the vineyard/sculpture garden called Domun . The heart is all polished stainless steel, a visual impact for sure. It was made by Richard Hudson and its called “Love Me”. It is an image that really stuck with me, simple, yet complex, and singular. Art for arts sake.

I have been sewing everyday this week, either on my secret quilting project, my cross stitch flowers, or the Halloween quilt on the long arm. Yesterday, after doing my one hour of sewing on the SQP, I pulled out the Botanica Park BOM. This months fabric pack came on Friday, so as my reward for doing the SQP, I worked on it. I didn’t get very far though, as I realized that I didn’t finish last months assignment. I had made the blocks, but the whole center of the quilt needed to be assembled as well. This method of assembling as you go seems more logical to me, plus it helps keep all the blocks from getting mixed up and turned around. Remember the Mrs. Miller quilt, where the final put together involved lots of re-working? I got the BP center sewn together, and this months required hour glass blocks, did them the next day.

The cross stitch floral piece, is coming along, the end is in sight. I have two more flowers to stitch and then the back stitching. Huh, the spell checker had highlighted ‘piece’ and suggested ‘peace’, life should be so easy. I switched back to the hand held hoop, although the lap quilt is easier to stitch with, it gets tedious and awkward flipping it over changing out the threads. The leaves in this pattern chart are so many colors, in the long run, I wonder if it really matters and if the shading will show up once it is finished. Possibly the linen count cloth is too small to let it be seen, the design would look much different on, say, 18 count Aida cloth.

The Halloween quilt is calling me, I am looking at a version from Instagram poster Ruby Blue Quilting Studio . The one she quilted was done last year, Insta post here . I remember seeing it and then seeing the kit at PIQF, the fabric designs are unique (?) kinda weird, and steam punk. I bought it and quickly sewed it together and just as quickly forgot about it. I went with a computerized panto for the first two borders and I think I’m gong to do a string of ovals in the black sashing. I like how Rebecca Silbaugh did the lines behind the figures in the next border, they remind me of wainscoting, seems appropriate for the era of the rest of the art on this quilt, Victorian? My top is pictured below, its slightly different than RBQ’s version.

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