This weekend flew by. It’s been very hot here, add staying in and sewing is happening. Sadly, not much sleep happened these past two night. Got woken up at 3:30 am on Saturday night by a massive thunder and lightening storm. The newspaper reported there were over 2500 lightening strikes in our area. That’s a lot of booming and flashing, then worrying that nothing catches fire.

Friday I pulled out the bin of holiday fabrics and choose a bunch of halloween themed prints. Started cutting squares and rectangles for the Phat Boo pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts, I got a few weeks ago. Saturday I got half of the blocks done and Sunday finished them and put the quilt top together. Its small, 37″ square, I guess it’s a wall hanging. I’m thinking a pumpkin vine pantograph would work.

There was no long arm activity happening, that room has no AC and no windows to open for a cross breeze. I am trying to pick a panto for the Alaska quilt. It’s difficult, because there are soo many to pick from. I spent about an hour on line looking through hundreds of them. Too flowery, too square, too dense, too pointy, too loopy. I want something that will give some texture, but not take away from the piecework. Something that will hold up to wear and tear and something that will quilt out fairly quickly.

This is Chinook, its about 8 inches wide, I think I’ll bump it up to 10 though. The quilt is 102″ square, so ten rows or so.

Chinook (dog), a rare breed of sled dog. Chinook hops, a variety of hops. Chinook olives, a dish of acorns cured with urine. Chinook salmon, a species of fish.

It is also a thirty-five million dollar double rotor-ed Helicopter, a Tribal name, and it means “warm wind” in Salish. I think I’ll pass on the acorn dish though.

I put a few hours into the cross stitch project. A few more flowers and some leaves. This is my before bed project, I try to stay up until 10pm, my theory is that I will sleep later, so far this isn’t the case.

Linking up with Judy at Small quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday today.

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