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This past weekend I started the great migration into the room across the hall. There was a lot to do, and it is just now winding down to sorting through the “why did I save this?” piles. I painted for three days, ceiling trim and walls. But before painting began there was the furniture that had to be moved out. Some had to be disassembled, most went into other rooms and some stayed. The furniture that stayed was pushed around the room while the painting happened. Tuesday night I started putting my things into the room. I continued yesterday, and got the majority of the room set up. I am debating on whether or not to move the sewing table more toward the center of the room. Once I get the two dressers out, that should be easier to do. Also I have quite a lot of quilting books still in the closet of the old room to bring over. I have an empty book shelf, but I am debating on if I want to give up the floor space for it. If I leave the books where they are, the are still accessible, but I don’t think to use them. I have this idea if they are within my line of sight, I might just use them to make something. So many patterns. If I was really industrious, I would list them for sale.

I wrote the above yesterday, and got most of the job done during the day, including the books. YAY! I really want to sew now. I think that will help me to settle into the new spot. It is set up mostly the same as the old spot, except that not as much is in the closet. I already had my yarn stash and extra personal quilts in the closet of the new room, I took out the section that was my son’s stuff and put most of my precuts and kits in there. I still have some miscellaneous crafty stuff in the old closet, and I think I’m going to use half of that closet for that. I just need to get more shelving brackets from the Container Store. I have to go over near there on Monday, so it’ll be my “fun” time allotment. If you haven’t been to the Container Store, its an organizers dream store. I leave there ready to organize my whole house, but then reality hits LOL.

I still need to hang up the pictures and quilts on the walls, but I worked so hard on the painting, I don’t want to make a hole in it yet.

This weekend is supposed to be hot here, upper nineties, but it’s a dry heat as they say. I am planning on finishing the quilting on the paper boats quilt and possibly getting another quilt on the frame. That may be Alaska, but then I would have to get the backing ready. I can’t remember if I got a 108″ wide, or if I bought yardage. I did unearth a few forgotten UFO’s with the move, maybe one of them will get finished. I am making head way on the cross stitch project too. I am am also contemplating making a wedding shawl for an up coming nuptial. Its a beautiful peacock feather pattern in lace weight. I think I’ll do a bit more learning research on Craftsy/Bluprint first.

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for “Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?” today. She’s working on a cute Harry Potter quilt this week.

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    • Do you have any experience knitting in the round, like a doily? I’m a little confused by the directions. I think (hope) once I start they will make more sense.

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