I finished the Unity Quilt top yesterday.  I was going to add another side border to square it up, but I think it is done.

Plus, I have used up most of the French General scraps.  The larger pieces will be incorporated into my stash drawers, and neutral bin.  The smaller pieces will be cut into 2 ½ inch squares for the squares bin.  The large tan piece will be for binding, I am hoping there is enough for the Estrella quilt too.1E84EBED-7F8B-41DF-ADE7-B4DF494CCAFD

These two photos show how big the pile of FG fabrics was before and after Estrella, there was a jelly roll and some extra yardage that I needed for Estrella that aren’t shown below. I’m pleased with the dent that this has made in my stash.

This French General collection started with this quilt below, Generally French.  Made in 2016.  I forget where I got the idea from, maybe a kit I saw.

My design wall is blank today.  As a “reward” for finishing the Unity top, I made some more masks for my MIL and DD.  My daughter has to wear them all day at work, as she is a dog groomer.  You can just imagine the amount of dust, dander, and hair in the air.  She also wear ear plugs to save her hearing, the blowers are loud and constantly on.  Talk about job hazards.  Anyway, I dug into a deep stash drawer and found this pretty print.  I think after 20 years of marination it is about time this got used up.   It’s still pretty too.


This past week I also worked on the Dutch garden quilt, the blue and yellow one.  I had to order more fabric for it, as I ran out of the dark blue background one I was using.  It was on sale at BluPrint, so I bought enough to finish it and for a backing.  I’ll have to wait until that is delivered, the mail is a bit slow.  Reminds me of the old days, before Amazon Prime, Fed EX, Priority Mail, etc.  “Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery” was a common postscript.  Carefully filling out order forms in block print, enclosing a check or money order (ha, that was another fun step).  Mailing out the order and then waiting for delivery, simpler times, less hurry.

Linking up with Judy, at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday today.  Judy is working on a lovely hand stitched block sampler, lilac flowers in a basket.

7 thoughts on “Unity

    • Thanks so much, I’ve been following the Instagram and FB tags for Unity, and there have been some stunning ones, dark backgrounds and such. The French General fabrics have always appealed to me, my secret favorite color is red 😉

  1. Wow Great job on Unity. And, to have all that piecing done, double wow. I love how you let beautiful fabrics marinate. I am the same way — oh this is too beautiful or too good to use for x,y, or z. And, you are correct it is a beautiful fabric. But it will also be a beautiful mask and probably will get more use as a mask then another quilt.

  2. AnnieO in SoCalif says:

    Your FG version is very pretty! I could not get on board with this Bonnie mystery, though admire the work of so many who joined! My daughter has asked for a mask with elastic loops, she will be able to return to hairstyling soon, hopefully, and certainly cannot be socially distant!

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