Use it Up

This weeks project is my interpretation of a quilt that I saw on Pinterest.  It is sort of a one large block quilt, with added detail to it.  I have a pile of fabric left over from a quilt kit, the line is Dutch Garden II, blues and yellows.  I felt it was a good way to use it up and make myself a fun project.  It has become a puzzle of sorts, as I go through each section of blocks.  I am trying to make it controlled scrappy, so each block is similar in shading.  My version of the pattern is all squares and half square triangles, I think I could have done flying geese in some parts though.  I am going to make some square in a square blocks for the next border.  I think it needs to be a little larger, it’s square, not really a good size for a throw.  Kinda not baby quilt style either. 0FC38C82-970B-49F5-957D-BD321BBF506E

I got a phone call yesterday that made me very happy.  The Bernina dealer called and said he had fixed my machine YAY!  There was something wrong with the bobbin sensor, it was still under warranty, so he replaced it, gave my machine a computer update and a thorough cleaning.  I drove right over and picked it up.  The funny thing was that “normally” I would wait until the next morning, as the traffic would have been at a stand still at 3:30pm.  I breezed over in about twenty minutes.  I had an appointment with the shop, so it was just me and the sales lady.  I bought some fabric too.

Linking up with Denise at For the Love of Geese it’s the one year anniversary of Put your Foot Down .  I think if you do something for 52 weeks it’s officially a habit.



3 thoughts on “Use it Up

  1. Lol, I think you are right about it being a habit. Thank you for linking up and making it possible. Glad your machine repair was something minor and not costly, I know that was a huge relief. I love love the Dutch Garden II fabric and your placement. This is going to be beautiful. I’ve found some of the best baby quilts are non traditional and most parents don’t look at the shape of the quilt.

    • The yellow and blue are a nice combination. The top is 54″ square, so if I add a 6 inch border, it would be a good size for a throw. When it’s up on the design wall, as blocks, it looks so big, then when I start sewing them together it seems to shrink. It would be pretty in a white nursery, 😁

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