Sew Sad

I am crushed.  My beloved, yes, beloved, B790 plus, stopped working yesterday.  I was sewing a binding on to one of the Hands 2 Help quilts and it stopped sewing.  I pressed the pedal again, and it sewed about two inches and stopped again.  I was hoping it was the foot pedal being loose or something, so I pressed the “on” button and the machine did the same thing.  Then it gave me the “gears of death” screen.  Whaaaa!

My dealer is open for appointments and curbside pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I had to wait until 11 to call him, but I was able to bring it over to the shop in the afternoon. Apparently, Bernina in Chicago has also been shut down.  So my machine is in the queue to be sent out, this repair could take up to three months.  What!?! I ended up renting a 535 Bernina from the shop so that I can finish up the Hands 2 Help quilts and save my sanity.  I’ll probably only rent it for the month as it is a little pricey.  This little machine is a work horse though, it’s got most of the bells and whistles that my 790 has, albeit smaller.  The only draw backs for me, are no dual feed and no auto foot lift.  I dug out my knee lift attachment, this action is going to need a little practice.  First world problems.

Here are a couple of pictures of the H2H quilts I finished up last night.

I want to get to quilting the Comic book quilt top I finished this past weekend.  This quilt came about from a bunch of 4X6″ rectangles I cut from this fabric:4C7693CC-5184-4682-8C79-0EFD064613DE

I surrounded them with RWB 2 ½” wide strips and came up with an 8X10″ rectangle.  There was just enough of the blue and red coordinating fabrics to make the quilt come together.  I added the borders and then the backing made from the same line as the original fussy cut rectangles finishes up this pile of Comic themed fabric.  BIG YAY!  the scraps will be cut into 2 ½” squares to join the ever growing pile of them.   BABA71A0-7E0E-4C9F-9ED1-863E0E57217A

This week I also bound the Rambling Rose Quilt, chalk it up to a finish✅. Also stayed up late last night and cut a bunch of HST’s for Monday’s unity quilt step 7.9069E056-37F4-47DA-9340-BDF7EA295C0C_1_201_a

Trying to Whoop it up, but it’s hard.  Linking with Sarah is hosting “Whoop Whoop Friday” at Confessions of a fabric Addict  today.

8 thoughts on “Sew Sad

  1. Oh no how awful. Wouldn’t it be nice if they loaned you a machine as a courtesy? For the price of the machines they should.
    Good luck, I hope it’s nothing serious.

    • I tried to talk the dealer into a free loaner, but he’s hurting for sales, and business. He said that we need to help each other in good times and lean times. He has given me very good deals on machines and accessories in the past, so it was my turn to give back.

  2. My machine did this, and I panicked. Took it in to the shop, the foot petal died. Easy fix, and easy on the budget. Hope yours can get sewing again!

    • That was my first thought, but this machine also has a function button that makes it sew with out the foot pedal. It did the same sew/stop when I used the button. It’s probably some sensor or chip malfunctioning. Sadly not something the dealer could fix.

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